A new way to do business and trade ESG

Disruptive B2B platform that consolidates in a single environment, all sustainability project data and helps your company achieve its ESG goals faster, with full flexibility and security.

The tool allows your company to monetise its initiatives, either through services or by sharing the results with suppliers and/or customers.

Blockchain security

BlueCarbon ensures the security and transparency of information with secure certificates generated through Blockchain technology. Your transactions will be provided immediately and stored in an unlimited way, free of vulnerability, fraud and cyber attacks.


Full compliance with the guidelines of the General Law on Data Protection (LGPD), generating electronic signatures based on advanced cryptographic technology, responding to the terms and policies for digital governance processes

Leverage your business to the next level of sustainability

Certificates generated in Blockchain technology

Monetise your initiatives

Buy forestry credits and carbon UCS

Share your indicators

Set Net Zero targets for each project

Manage your initiatives and projects

Have BlueCarbon as the main ally to your ESG initiatives and monitor several projects worldwide

SAP App Center

In 2020, INTCOM Digital received the approval award from BlueHealth in the SAP App Center, and since, it has been available to companies using the platform worldwide.



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