Monitor the health of your employees

Intcom Digital's expertise in formulating quick and effective responses to the demands of managers in the areas of HR, HSE and operations enabled the adaptation of products related to Health Management to contribute to the urgent fight against the pandemic, during the resumption of on-site activities in offices, vessels and other workstations.


The software is fully adapted to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), generating electronic signatures from advanced cryptographic technology. The measure responds to the terms and policies of large companies and contributes to digital governance processes with transparency and security.

Generate forms, surveys and communications 100% online

Facilitate communication between managers, doctors and employees

Receive notifications of laboratory tests and medical evaluations

Monitor cases and suspicions of diseases and infections among employees in a coordinated and real-time manner

Get management KPIs related to personnel and/or crew, workstations (such as offices and boats), types of gratuities etc.

Increase transparency in the monitoring and internal evaluation of health protocols linked to the new coronavirus and other diseases

The system has 2 types of access:


With a simple and friendly interface employees can answer the medical questionnaires and report their health conditions daily


Doctors on the other hand receive this data in real time and are able to monitor all cases, they can organize by projects, contracts and functions for example

This tool applies to different crisis contexts and diverse types of workstations (such as offices, hospitals, clinics, hotels, boats, etc.).

SAP App Center

In 2020, INTCOM Digital received the approval award from BlueHealth in the SAP App Center, and since, it has been available to companies using the platform worldwide.



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