In the past decade, global oil operators have started a relentless race to seek efficiency and reduce costs. The crises and declines in Brent prices and, more recently, the strong impacts of the pandemic contributed directly to changes in the different sectors of operation of the Upstream segment around the world.

Faced with the challenges, Intcom Digital reformulates and sophisticatedly innovative solutions suitable for the current phase of various industry sectors. We believe that investment in disruptive technology to reduce costs, optimize complex processes and maximize transparency can contribute to the recovery of competitiveness, especially in the Oil, Gas and Energy segment, in compliance with acts, standards and laws for operations in the country.

Transparency, compliance and agility

  • Invest in solutions that increase transparency in the flow of information between your partners, and regulatory agencies
  • Facilitate and encourage the participation of these performers in decision-making processes
  • Enable easy monitoring of your operations through online software, with historical and strategic KPIs
  • Optimize costs and promote digitization in your industry in an innovative way


Developed specifically to meet the real necessities of the Oil and Gas industry, our solutions can be applied separately or in a segmental way, as part of a collection of digitally integrated applications.

Ballots management and decision making for operated and non-operated blocks

This solution was designed to improve communication between operators and their partners, in Upstream projects.

Most global operators still use traditional processes and tools, such as email and MS Excel, to compose and manage approval documents known as Ballots. Ballots are highly relevant for decision-making, which motivates us to seek technologies capable of improving, optimizing and innovating these processes in the sector.

We developed a collaborative platform based on the principles of cloud communication (cloud). The tool centralizes the history of processes, hierarchies and flows of approvals, attachments and evidence from intuitive functionalities (document editor, notifications, status panel, etc.) in a single application.

Shared contracts

Shared operations contracts (Sharing contracts in Brazil) are required to provide some information to a specific government agency (called PPSA.).

We develop solutions relevant to the demands of the operators that work in this type of contract, creating a cloud environment capable of configuring all the processes involved (from budgets, cost spreadsheets, approved and rejected costs sent to the inspection agency).

The main objective of this type of service is to guarantee an E&P project with total transparency, compliance and monitoring by the actors involved.

  • Real-time tracking of assets costs
  • Creation of a cloud environment (cloud) and a centralized database
  • Simplification in the monitoring of PPSA deadlines
  • Efficient monitoring of all areas and stages involved
  • Detailed list of costs recovered or not
  • Minimization of errors and duplication cases

Commercial Issues

The commercial departments of the major operators are constantly dealing with different issues related to assets and how to resolve them.

Upon concluding that decision-making related to these processes depends on the alignment between partners and financial gains, we develop solutions that contribute to monitoring all the flows involved from the free sharing of responsibilities, smoothing the monitoring and generation of strategic indicators.

Thus, it is possible to optimize the time of employees in high-level management positions and to accelerate decision-making processes based on real and integrated data.

  • Complete Human Resources management and offshore and onshore operation planning
  • Specific solution for planning and managing permanence of foreign employees in Brazil
  • Planning, goals, control and management KPIs in real-time
  • Pioneering in the development of an application properly adapted for the use of the crew

First specific crew management solution in Latin America.


First control app of days of stay of a foreign employee in the country.


The most complete system for managing operations and assets in the Oil, Gas and Energy sector in the industry.


First digital work tool for professionals in the maritime and offshore industry.



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