Digital Rails

Companies operating in different modes such as rail and port are experiencing an even greater challenge in the integration between different processes and transshipment, dealing with different human skills, customers, suppliers and requirements.

INTCOM Digital solutions offer a range of management tools ranging from intelligent planning of work schedules related to the timetables of each project to specific issues of certificates, training, calculation of union variable payments and door-to-work logistics of each employee.

Innovation-driven mining

Remote operations and in high-risk environments are extremely delicate. They require strict monitoring and anticipation of risks much greater than indoor operations. INTCOM Digital's solutions allow effective monitoring of all stages that involve the allocation of human resources, valuing the preservation of the life, integrity and safety of each employee and impacting the quality of operations production.

Your team focused on what matters

We offer a portfolio of innovative tools and solutions that replace current spreadsheets and processes, allowing your teams to focus on the demands needed to grow your company.

Management of Scales and Teams

If your business involves work schedules at different times, locations and resource needs, find out about our technological solution to revolutionize the planning and allocation processes of teams in different scenarios.

Control of payments and additional costs

Control Payments and calculate overtime, hazard rates, double days, job replacement etc. quickly and simply. Reduce the time spent on calculations and approvals of different types of items through a dynamic solution that allows the configuration of an infinite number of union rules and collective agreements linked to different sectors, projects and locations.

Safety first

Create a safety culture in your company. Encourage incident reporting and allow your employees to take advantage of our technology for this purpose.

Process Digitization

We understand the specifics of each company concerning the management of processes that require the participation of human resources. With that in mind, we created an intuitive and dynamic tool that allows the personalized configuration of different research, assessment and process flows by management teams, independently and integrated with legacy systems.

Collaborator 4.0.

Interact with your employees through a work tool that favors direct and transparent communication. Your team will be able to check and confirm your schedules, receive training alerts, upload documents, respond to HR assessments and surveys, check details of the payroll and other benefits.


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